Visa and Immigration Service

When hiring employees from other countries, there are many things you as employer need to think about.

We coordinate the efficient transfer of your employees to almost anywhere in the world. We also assist you in applying for entry visas, business visas, work permits, residence permits and many other mandatory documents.

Immigration Services Sweden and the Nordics
In Sweden, KEY Relocation is part of the Swedish Migration Board’s certificate program, which enables us to offer our clients a fast-track immigration process for their non-EU employees in Sweden. In Sweden we also assist in registering and de-registering employees with the Swedish Work Environment Authority when mandatory. KEY Relocation is proud to assist some of the world’s largest ICT companies to successfully relocate their employees to Sweden and the Nordics. Our skill within immigration matters. Together with our Corporate Administration and Destination Services, we are the perfect partner for companies establishing businesses in Sweden and the Nordics.

Immigration Services Worldwide
KEY Relocation ensures comprehensive management of immigration matters anywhere in the world. KEY Relocation’s global visa and immigration services include:

  • Needs Assessment Consultation
  • Advising and information
  • Application Assistance
  • Collection of Documentation Requirements
  • Process Management and Status
  • Renewal Services
  • Cancellation Assistance


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